Vod Catalogue

This video goes into the rite of initiation men NEED to go through in order to see the magic behind chemistry, and attraction, and until you go through this process, as my mentor, David DeAngelo says, "Attraction isn't a choice," and the women, or woman won't, and cannot feel attraction for you in the way you truly desire.

What do women want? Carl Jung couldn't solve this dilemma, but he didn't think about it in this way. Prepare to dig deep into women's psyche. I also deal with short cuts to understanding this dilemma, which are effective. Short description, but the content on this subject is dense.

The longest vod lesson so far, chalking at thirty eight minutes. I go into the intricacies that love produces between a man and woman. Also, to walk you through the love I mean, and HOW to love, I tell you my story, which is a method for tapping into your internal empathy to teach you DIRECTLY how to love your partner.

This last vod in this series is to the point, and direct. Ever wanted to know the all-encompassing desires of a man? Or how about a woman? It's more direct, and less general in this case, although it still deals with ALL men and ALL women. Think I don't know what I'm talking about? Give this vod a try, and if you don't like it, rely on my 30-day guarantee, and I'll refund you.