REWD Production
Jan. 1st, 2024


Spectrum, AKA AVI Ftw
Feb. 4th, 2023

Lossless AVI recording is possible but very HDD-space costly, but nonetheless this program was developed for this purpose. Its benefits ranging from selective screen-grabbing to choosing which audio device to record make it somewhat unique among the AVI output venue. The audio recording is separate from the video track though so mixing them together afterward is necessary for one file.

Spectrum 0.1a

Hosting redux
Nov. 8th, 2022

After 2 years of delays in hosting, it has been redeemed; a redux of sorts. So recently it has seen some updates. Nonetheless, it works as would be expected.

Terraria Server Hosting
Dec. 30th, 2020

The reboot of the Terraria server hosting service is almost live. Services will begin anew next month on the 1st. In order to reserve a free server, download the Carbuncle client on the "Server Details" page--the link to that page is located on the home page linked below.

This is a limited free offer and will become paid-only soon. More details will be made available about this next month.

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Gen Engine
Dec. 9th, 2020

The up-to-date information on my plans moving forward is to get this into a working format and will then look into selling the source code. I am willing to provide consulting services as well.

The engine will be under my scrutiny until I can establish it as a working, cohesive and coherent foundation.

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Software Design & Business Model
Nov. 12th, 2019

Recently there has been a turn of plans in the approach of software design. It contains a similar air to the previous server-hosting, yet this piece of software can be refaceted for other servers and applications as well given that it will require the source code and possible consultation, or support.

It is effectively a server matchmaker that comes in three parts: a name resolver for registering and logging in, a lobby server that handles the remote packets, and the UI client.

The idea for this is it would work as a front end to support a network between multiple clients to connect them together into remote servers.

About the business model: it would work in either one of three parts.

1) Sell the product that is refaceted for its required purpose.
2) Provide ongoing support.
3) License out the source code.

The baseline cost would be $5, whereas the source code would approach $20 per license.

News Archiving
Nov. 12th, 2019

News that may or may not apply any longer than recently has been removed from the main page.