Server Details
Max Players:
World Size:
World Name:
World Seed:
Server Message:
Unique Name:
Forum Name:
Free evaluation:
Server key:
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Product page.
Server Identifier
Specifies the server name.
Player Slots
This defines the maximum number of joined players possible.

Currently this is capped at 16.
Difficulty Mode
Values 0-3 signify:
0 - classic
1 - expert
2 - master
3 - journey
Generated World Name
What the generated world name is.
Generated World Size
Values 1-3 signify:
1 - small
2 - medium
3 - large
Server Password
What the server join password will be.
Server Join Message
The message sent to players on join.
tShock Option
This defines whether or not the server will run via tShock. tShock is a server admin and moderating system which adds extended server support.
Server Language
Values 0-8 define:
0 - English
1 - German
2 - Italian
3 - French
4 - Spanish
5 - Russion
6 - Chinese
7 - Portuguese
8 - Polish
World Seed
What world generation value to use.
Official Terraria Forums Alias
Specify if you want correspondence to include forum private messages.
E-mail Address
The address that your registration details will be sent to, such as the server ip, port, and TShock superadmin key.
Subscription Key
The server key obtained from the key distributor's website.
Free evaluation
For the span of one week, try out the hosting service for free.