E-book Catalogue

I go into great detail about sex starting off, then go on to talk about the details of dating, and the laws that govern going from "first contact" to "sex." You also won't want to miss the long eight page involved real-world application of the subject of "erotica" -- I tell a story.

I go over why I think religion is the opiate for the masses, which if you're wondering, is a little high impact. I also explain the science behind why both genders are just bitchy but completely hot for each other sometimes. I also dispell the misunderstandings behind having multiple partners (not at once, but at different times in your life), and why the first kiss is SUPER CRUCIAL.

If you want to know the insides of chemistry, but not how to make it happen, this is a must-read. You can know all there is to know about making chemistry happen, but if you can't SEE it, you won't actually practice the magic. So this is basically chemistry 99. Also, I talk about the definition of the genders in ancient Gaelic, which is very valuable in finding who you truly are as a man or woman.

This set of seven E-books, spanning at over (except I think one?) pages each, details my very intimate journey from boy to man. If there ever should be a prognosis of this in one place, this is it. For those who want initiation, but have nowhere to turn, reading these will launch you into the unknown, and give you essentially a roadmap of what to accomplish, in your being, next.

I am pricing this set of E-books that total around six hundred pages, at fourty dollars, not to milk from the interested, but because I had to type up all these journals by hand, and I could easily ask for more--but it would be stupid because there is another website selling something of similar nature at fourty dollars as well -- I think it's fair.