Server Information

Options, and deals

The standard price will be 20 cents for a player slot. The minimum amount of players, due to server hardware requirements, will be 8. So, at least $1.60 a month. Keep in mind 16 player slots and less will remain free until server capacity dictates otherwise.

As a rough number for adequate load-bearing,
8 slot servers available is 16,
9-31 slot servers available is 16,
32-63 slot servers available is 8,
64-127 slot servers available is 5,
128-227 slot servers available is 4,
228+ slot servers available is 3.

This may be relative depending on how many machines are in service.
These numbers are all relative based on request. There may be 36 8 slot servers, or more than 3 228+.

A Few Price Disclosures

In the occasion that you rent a server for a set price, and the price increases, as long your server remains, your price will remain static. If the prices decrease, so will your server's already existing price -- inasfar as everything is managed (though it will stay the same until reserved again on the next month).

In the occasion that something a little beyond bounds happens (increase in hosting cost), to keep contract with the host (eek), amount of free available servers may decrease.

In terms of "contracts" (options for payment longer than one month, and deals included), I cannot guarantee hosting any longer than the month paid for.

A little about security, and otherwise

In the event of compromise, infrastructure is not likely to be confronted with problems. If anything "worthwhile" happened, I might have to consider potential map loss, and downtime. The upside is, backups will be made bi-daily (using batch to a NAS), so hosting would continue within an allotted time.

If something were to happen in terms of a natural disaster per say, or there were overtly frequent downtimes, discounts (off of the next month for example), partial refunds (for the amount of downtime, plus a small amount for inconvenience), or full refunds would be made. Haggling for pricing is all welcome in these events, though I would reserve the final decision (discounts will be on a standard scale as is...).

Mod API's

tConfig developers have designed a new API (modding platform), though as it stands, I am not familiar with its structure. Hosting will not be immediately available for it. But tConfig hosting is still available. An example is the "Races the Redux" mod, done by Yoraiz0r (among others who helped him), that fits well into vanilla Terraria.

TShock is available. The server is not guaranteed to support every plugin for TShock.

Price variations and availability

Due to the higher bandwidth requirements by mods (existing in tConfig, as well as tAPI), available players slots may be less, such as halving the maximum of 255 to 128.

tConfig mods are a special case, and I will have to be contacted to clear server management. Note that tConfig servers will not be manageable through TShock (they are incompatible), though tConfig does have managing modifications.

TShock is not likely to increase price at all - since in many cases, it is said to be an optimization. (!)

Map Access

At any time during the month, you may request a download of your current map, or may replace the map with a new map (limiting one transfer/download request per day, and probably done only within normal functioning hours of my time zone - GMT-8).

Mumble Voice Server

These have been discontinued for the time being. Someone to manage these may be of service and recontinue this service in the foreseeable future.

Some details (to be relevant once service restarts)

It is likely audio quality will be low, though not below reasonable.

If you would like other features to be included, such as multiple channels, and registration for each member joining, the first month will cost a little more (50ยข convenience fee).

8 members, $0.50
16 members, $1.20
32 members, $2.60
50 members, $4

Keep in mind I am not experienced in the advanced features of either mumble or teamspeak3. Options for this may change, as another may run this segment (prices will remain constant, but you will get more features).

Month tracking/logs

Month, and pricing would begin on the date and time you were able to reserve. This information would be kept in logs. Servers, if not reserved for another month, would re-open on that day (not exact time, as time zones may be infrequent). Keep in mind there is a leniency of several days due to any complications.

I will keep server logs, so if you would like an IP blacklisted from your server (reasons don't have to be disclosed), we could probably arrange for that. If they've been a serious offender (probably not likely to occur), and I have logs, or you have video, a global blacklist may be in tow, for an allotted time. Since IP's can change in some conditions, an IP blacklist is not necessarily full-proof - a TShock ban may increase the odds.

When server loads are full, specifics dates for potential re-openings will be kept quiet to maintain some level of privacy, though clients may say what they like.


Currently, you can ping me at (a temporary IP). Several people from out of country have played on a "local" server recently and have said it wasn't bad. Terraria typically updates in relation to where the player is at, and not where the server thinks the player is, so there isn't much jittering on the client side, though other players and NPCs jitter.

I am located in the western United States. You may look up my IP for more information.

If you have good reason, more information can be accessed through the Email contact. Of course I would recommend you wouldn't leak any excess information.

Special Cases/Events

If you would like to host a temporary server for an event, such as PvP, or Capture the Gem, options will be made available on a special case. Price per slot may remain static, with discounts on the overall cost (since it won't need to be run 24/7).

If you are not aware of how many will participate, and would like to reserve a high traffic server, a quote from estimations may be used.

If you would like to try to ensure higher quality for the event (given the amount of servers already reserved), a map larger than Terraria's standards (not currently available), or an especially large mod, arrangements may be made.

If you would like to terminate your server in the middle of the month, a refund may be made for any reasonable amount of time remaining (more than 3 days).

Technical Details

As it stands, 1 Terraria server is reserved for each gigabyte of RAM (which functions relative to form, DDR, DDR2, DDR3). Each Terraria server uses roughly 600-800 megabytes (determined by map size), this being tested during events, such as Goblin Armies. If the server requires more, there is room.

Each server idling, without any players, uses about 50-70kbps of internet upload. Each player adds an average of 10kbps. Events such as Goblin Armies add about 5kpbs on a whole.

Backup Policy

Maps are backed up twice a day, and backups stored for 7 days. You may request a map to be reverted to a given time or version.

Last Words

Of course, I can be reached at the below address.

Server requests and details you would like will be kept quiet, unless you would like for me to post your server in the list.

Since I haven't said this, passwords for Terraria servers at request are a given. Up to 3 Terraria servers of any size can be reserved by one person. If you wish to remain anonymous, reaching beyond this limit is something I won't track.

A server management and reservation panel is being developed by a third party, though implementation will take some time.