Video Introduction

Here is a video introduction for the written works below. I figured giving a video speech would be better in this case than given a written one. So there you go.

Written Works

"Welcome..." Another Work
Feb. 13th, 2015

This work takes some of the characters from Restless Mind, and embellishes upon them in little snippets of time apart from the times they found themselves in before, whether modern or eclectic.

Welcome to Nature's

Trio and "Restless" Released for Free
Feb. 12th, 2015

I have decided, as selling the E-books looks difficult as I do not have a digital distribution service available, to release these works for free. If, in the future, you do not opt to download these, and I have changed to an online distribution service, the new rules would be at hand.

Regardless, I hope you enjoy both the trio, and Restless Mind for the temporary benefit of them being free.

Restful Mind
Feb. 4th, 2015

Here is a smaller work by a magnitude of multiple pages. As you might see in the prologue, this is about Naireon.


Restless Mind
Jan. 30th, 2015

The first in the sequence of works by myself is what I'd like to call, "Restless Mind."

Altogether, I have been keeping notes on all facets of life for the past five and one half years, ranging from science fiction, to my own personal experiences in psychology, to even love scenes in bizarre places, including heaven. This is a distillation of all of my ideas into one work.

Keep in mind, it is fiction, even when I denounce Jesus Christ's God-hood. It is a view I thought might be interesting to add in fiction, strictly. It is up to you to decide what you believe in the matter.

Although I don't have the actual documents ready for download, I have, along with what I have already written, a free prologue for download that gives a good idea on the whole workhorse of ideas.