New Mission Statement
Feb. 21st, 2015

Here is a new path that I would like to take Circle Prefect toward in the somewhat distant future. From now until then, I am still going to provide books (granted I continue writing), and, IF I find a location to host Terraria servers, I would do this as well.

Until then, my mission statement goes something like this:

That people could be able to access a virtual friend at any time, that "virtual friend" being an actual network of individuals with the express purpose of aiding their purpose in life, and receive a backing of support for education (actualizing) and a firm backing to proof-check their lives and goals and to receive confirmation. And, even to share projects with specialized staff (that has some knowledge in that field) that could provide just enough, albeit cryptic feedback that would profit that individual's conceptualization of that personal project, and to help inspire that person to look deeper in that project.

The essence of this statement is this:

Alleviating boredom which causes unproductivity because people then turn to virtual means such as video games or drugs to fill up the time, which overall decreases their capacity to function at a high level of their productivity. Boredom which is caused by any number of psychological realities within those people that a system could bring to light and encourage people with conversational rawness that would reveal, "Aha, I have a such-and-such talent, potential is at hand," and so on.

You can contact me there if you find a desire to help out with this eventual project, or have some ideas on how to drive this forward in the future.

Pleasure as always,
Circle Prefect

Books Temporarily Free
Feb. 12th, 2015

As stated, Restless Mind and a trio of other works are now temporarily free in the Books section.

Re-faceting, and Server Plan Updates
Jan. 30th, 2015

Circle Prefect is now becoming a multifaceted organization that, in time, will host free Terraria servers, as well as selling E-books on the side. The focus of this organization will be on these two facets.

The one question is, when will the servers for Terraria come back online? It will take some time for this process to work itself out unfortunately. As much as I would love to yet again, I am faced with poor internet connectivity, and a poor space for housing the server hardware. But I still have all the hardware, and the ultimate ability to do so in the future.

Server Downtime, and Plans
Sept. 22nd, 2014

The servers are currently at a local residence, and it is to be decided whether or not they will be sent out to a data center.

Services above 16 slots will be unavailable for the coming months (2 approximately), and free services have ceased as well.

While <17 slot servers could still viably be operated where the servers reside, as this was done when Circle Prefect started up, with no mention of obvious lag (I did research, and found that Terraria servers require ~70kbps idle, and ~15kbps per player--with 255 players, this would be 3.8mbps required bandwidth) in 2013, internet connection is less reliable in the new location.

A temporary solution, if not resorting to a data center, will be in the coming months, as the servers will relocate once again to a location with a much more reliable connection.

As this is the case, I will respond to emails as best I can, likely forwarding inquirers to this page.